I'm not a big fan of making resolutions or setting goals, mainly because I have terrible follow-through. Ha!

I've decided that I've got to get over the fact that I haven't been great at follow-through in the past and make some changes. It takes a lot of self-discipline (which I am often lacking) and more than just saying it's something I want to do. Back in December, I went to the 5 Club that Jon Acuff hosted here in Franklin. We talked about goals and named some of the things that hold us back. I came up with a laundry list of things that have kept me from reaching my goals and decided to make some changes. I spent a lot of time last year realizing the lies that I've been believing for so long and found truths to put up against them. I finally feel like I'm starting to recognize those lies more easily and hang on to the truth without abandon. In the middle of that process, I lost 35 pounds that I've been hanging onto, and made some other really good changes.

After starting my new job, I got caught up in the busyness of moving, finding a new church, making friends, establishing myself, learning my job, and everything else that goes along with that. I'm back on track and have set some goals that feel reachable. Here are a few of the things I'm working on:

Read at least 2 books a month (These are my January books)
  • Jesus + Nothing = Everything by Tullian Tchividjian
  • Undaunted by Christine Caine
  • The Sacred Search by Gary Thomas
Run a 5K
  • Registered for the Color Run in Nashville on March 30 (with my small group from church)
  • Registered for the WillPower 5K to support our friends the NeSmiths in Franklin on April 6 (with my sweet friend Amanda!)
Memorize 2 passages of Scripture a month
  • Luke 1:45 (done!)
  • 1 Peter 3:4-5 (working on it)
Those are just a few ways, but I'm thankful for the friends that are holding me accountable and reminding me of the truth. I just keep having to tell myself that it's one day at a time. I can't get to my goal of losing 100 pounds by the end of this week, but the effort that I make today is going to make a long-term impact. I'm praying that this is a year of following through. I'm excited about how I can see God at work in the midst of all of this, and I'm thankful that you're along for the journey.

I tweeted out a question today and would love your input! What are some of your favorite workout/running songs? I'm working on a new playlist to get ready for my 5K runs!


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