Thursday, July 31, 2008

me in a nutshell.

I know... who I am.
I believe... in Jesus Christ.
I fought... with a girl named bianca in 6th grade. I slapped her and she fought back.
I am angered... when people don't use common sense.
I love... my family and friends.
I need... to start going to bed earlier.
I take... my time making decisions.
I hear... that there are some exciting things going on.
I drink... lots of iced tea and coffee.
I hate... having to use a pc at the office.
I use... my cell phone too much.
I want... to be a wife and mom someday.
I like... spending time with my friends.
I feel... so happy where I am right now.
I wear... flip flops almost every day.
I left... my chi on one day last week while I was at work... oops.
I do... someday.
I hope... that you aren't bored yet.
I dream... in color... pretty much every night.
I drive... a silver nissan xterra... named blue steel.
I listen... to music while I go to sleep.
I type... pretty well. my mom made me use "mavis beacon teaches typing."
I think... that things are about to get exciting.
I wish... that christmas was sooner... I'm ready for cold weather.
I am... going to nyc in a few weeks!
I regret... nothing.  it's all a part of the journey.
I care... about people.
I should... clean out the spare bedroom.
I said... that I would never live alone.  here I am!
I wonder... when my neighbor is going to quit being so noisy.
I changed... a lot last year... for the better I think.
I cry... more often than I admit.
I lose... keys and sunglasses all the time.

I leave... you with this.

where have all the good guys gone?

saw this article this morning.... what an amazing stand for Christ.  we need more Christians in the world like this who aren't afraid to take a stand.

Tim Tebow Article

and by the way, GO GATORS!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

looking back and looking forward

I think part of being on a journey is looking back.

looking back to see what God has done and how he's proved himself to be faithful time and again.

for some reason, I looked at my old blog today... it was a trip down memory lane for me, and a testimony to God's faithfulness in my life. I wouldn't be where I am today without each of those experiences. the last entry I wrote was the weekend that I graduated college 2 years ago. it's amazing how quickly time passes and how much we change.

change is such a huge word, and a necessary part of life. I was flipping through my study Bible this morning and found a piece of paper I hadn't seen in a long time. it's an excerpt from donald miller's book "through painted deserts" that speaks of change, and I thought back to the first time that I read it... so much has changed since then. ironic? I don't think so.

God has a purpose for every season of our lives... it's up to us whether or not we see His hand in every breath we take, in every situation that we face, in every painful or joyful situation.

I've been co-teaching a high school girls Bible study this summer on the book of Esther. one verse that keeps resounding in my head is where Esther and Mordecai are talking, and she is about to agree to help the Jews and basically put her life on the line for them. Mordecai looks at her says says,
"yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?" (Esther 4:14b - nkjv)

God's timing is perfect, and He used Esther in such a mighty way. sometimes we miss out on opportunities to do something because we forget that God has brought us to where we are for such a time as this. I am where I am because God led me here... for such a time as this. I've joined Him on the journey of what He's doing and have followed His call on my life. so, there's purpose in all of it... every bit. because God is at the center of it all.

I'm excited about looking back on this time in my life to see how God was at work that I currently can't see. my heart's desire is to be used to bring glory to His name... even if it's just to help one person or see one girl realize that she's beautiful and important in God's eyes, it's worth it all. spending time with the girl who questions her self-worth because of something that someone has said to her is worth it. I hope that I can use the pain and heartache that I've experienced to lessen someone else's pain and allow them to learn from my mistakes.

God is already answering prayers and opening doors here, and I am so excited to see Him at work.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite passages...
the Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,

because the Lord has anointed Me

to preach good tidings to the poor;

He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted,

to proclaim liberty to the captives,

and the opening of the prison to those who are bound...

to give them beauty for ashes,

the oil of joy for mourning,

the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness,

that they may be called trees of righteousness,

the planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified.

isaiah 61:1,3

Thursday, July 24, 2008


I thought this was so much fun... takes the most-used words from your blog or page and creates this...

Monday, July 14, 2008

i'm so tired...

I don't like living alone.

If you didn't know this about me, now you do.

I'm not scared, I'm not lonely. I just don't like to be by myself a whole lot. yes, I do need mary margaret time, but not as much as I've had lately. the biggest problem that this whole not liking to live alone is causing is that I don't go to sleep at night. I just stay up way too late, usually watching reruns of "friends" or "gilmore girls" or reading a good book. last night I had a monica gellar moment and I stayed up until 1:30am cleaning my apartment. when I was wide awake at 12:30, I figured I would be productive, so now the apartment looks and smells great.

so now, I'm exhausted. I'm caught up on bills, and I'm ready to go to six flags tomorrow, but for some reason I'm still awake. maybe it's because I wrote this as a way to keep myself up since I don't like to be by myself. I have a feeling I've caught myself in a sick cycle.... I'm ready for a roommate, which hopefully will be really soon!

I think I'm headed to bed now. for real.

oh yeah, things are still going great in austin - I love this city!  our girls Bible study on the book of esther has gone over really well, and I'm having a bunch of those girls over one night next week for a slumber party and we're going to plan some awesome girls events for the fall... I can't wait!

also, I'm headed to orlando for a wedding and to see some friends, so I'm really excited... should be lots of fun!  I'll try to to post pictures soon, but I can't find the cord that plugs my camera into my computer... sad day!

for real now, I'm going to bed.

Monday, July 07, 2008


no, I haven't had a breakdown of any sorts... but it just seemed an appropriate word for right now.  I'm going to give you a breakdown of everything that's happened over the last couple of weeks, including everything that I own that has broken over the last two weeks.

let's just start things off this way... here's what has broken:

  • washing machine (I had to buy a new pump the day I moved in)

  • refrigerator leak (yay for the fact that the apartment fixed it!)

  • dishwasher leak (apartment fixed it!)

  • car battery died my first week of work - had to buy a new one

  • computer had to be sent off for repairs

  • cell phone freaked out - had to get a new one

needless to say, it's been a little crazy the last couple of weeks, but it's also been SO good.  I firmly believe that I'm exactly where I need to be right now, and other than everything breaking, this has been a really smooth transition, which is such an answer to prayer.

following God's call to go where he wants you to be is an easy thing, except for the fact that I'm human.  it's hard to leave behind friends, security, familiarity, and everything that goes along with that.... but God was so clear that this was where he was leading my heart that I couldn't stay in colleyville.  it's so easy in the midst of all of that to question God's timing, because it definitely didn't make sense to me, but I believe in His sovereignty and the fact that His timing is perfect.

making this move in the middle of summer has felt like a whirlwind, but it has been so much fun.  I'm feeling settled in my apartment, and haven't gotten lost too many times yet!  everyone here at hyde park has been so welcoming and friendly, and have made me feel at home so quickly.

here are a few ways that you can be praying for me and for this ministry...

  • receptiveness of the students to this new girls ministry, and to my role as I lead out

  • guidance for our church staff as we look for a new high school pastor

  • for the people of austin - 90% of which are unchurched

  • for me as I continue to settle and make friends

I promise I'm going to get pictures up here as soon as I can find the cord that connects my camera to my computer!  ha!