no, I haven't had a breakdown of any sorts... but it just seemed an appropriate word for right now.  I'm going to give you a breakdown of everything that's happened over the last couple of weeks, including everything that I own that has broken over the last two weeks.

let's just start things off this way... here's what has broken:

  • washing machine (I had to buy a new pump the day I moved in)

  • refrigerator leak (yay for the fact that the apartment fixed it!)

  • dishwasher leak (apartment fixed it!)

  • car battery died my first week of work - had to buy a new one

  • computer had to be sent off for repairs

  • cell phone freaked out - had to get a new one

needless to say, it's been a little crazy the last couple of weeks, but it's also been SO good.  I firmly believe that I'm exactly where I need to be right now, and other than everything breaking, this has been a really smooth transition, which is such an answer to prayer.

following God's call to go where he wants you to be is an easy thing, except for the fact that I'm human.  it's hard to leave behind friends, security, familiarity, and everything that goes along with that.... but God was so clear that this was where he was leading my heart that I couldn't stay in colleyville.  it's so easy in the midst of all of that to question God's timing, because it definitely didn't make sense to me, but I believe in His sovereignty and the fact that His timing is perfect.

making this move in the middle of summer has felt like a whirlwind, but it has been so much fun.  I'm feeling settled in my apartment, and haven't gotten lost too many times yet!  everyone here at hyde park has been so welcoming and friendly, and have made me feel at home so quickly.

here are a few ways that you can be praying for me and for this ministry...

  • receptiveness of the students to this new girls ministry, and to my role as I lead out

  • guidance for our church staff as we look for a new high school pastor

  • for the people of austin - 90% of which are unchurched

  • for me as I continue to settle and make friends

I promise I'm going to get pictures up here as soon as I can find the cord that connects my camera to my computer!  ha!


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