you have got to be kidding...

ok... so this week has been crazy. my parents are officially moving to little rock (more about this at the end of this blog) and a few other things happened...

*disclaimer* if you're reading this and a part of the story, yes, I still love you, and yes, I will still watch your child.

now that those of you who haven't heard the story of my week are confused, have no fear, for I am about to fill you in.

this week started off pretty normal... work, sleep, work, sleep. until we came to tuesday. I spent most of the day helping michael and kim pack up stuff to move to their new house... then wednesday, I unpacked it all. fun times. while we were unpacking on wednesday, christie and ethan came over for awhile, and we all worked and talked. in the middle of the afternoon, christie said she was having some contractions, but that they were the braxton-hicks (or something like that) ones that aren't real. woohoo!

that night at church, however, she was still having contractions, and was puzzled by this fact. I know nothing about pregnancy/birth (except now thanks to kyle, I know that it involves being "stitched up" at some point, which entirely freaked me out) so I have no idea what to tell her except, "oh, that's weird."

so... at 10pm wednesday night, she called to see if I could stay at the house with ethan while jonathan took her to the hospital to get checked out. I happily obliged and drove my cute little xterra over to mesa court. this is where the fun begins.... things were fine until about 2am, when I woke up, looked at the video monitor and couldn't see ethan, so I decided to go upstairs and check on him.

what did I find? let me tell you... poor little ethan had gotten sick and thrown up twice on his bed. I felt incredibly bad, and at the same moment, I had no idea what to do. so, I picked him up, cleaned him up, and put a new shirt on him. then I took him downstairs to watch elmo, and I think he was confused and thought it was morning and time to get up and play. he watched "mo" while I cleaned up his bed. yes, I did call my mom at this point to find out what to do. sh said to wash the sheets with lots of soap and put new sheets on the bed. I probably could have figured that one out on my own, but I was in a moment of panic. I actually washed the sheets twice, just to make sure they were good and clean. :)

one of my first thoughts in the middle of this was "oh, wow... being a mom is not for sissies." I'm definitely going to pass of puke patrol to my future husband. I think the worst part about it for me is the smell...

jonathan and christie got home around 4am, and all was well. no baby yet! christie said that ethan has only gotten sick like this once, so let's just say that I had some great "mom training" wednesday night!

so you thought my story was over, right? nope... keep reading.

needless to say, I slept in thursday morning. you don't want to be around me if I haven't had sleep. it's not a fun experience. thursday afternoon at 2:30, I picked up hannah smith from preschool, since her parents were busy with the movers getting all of their furniture in the house. we went to my house and did the following: played candyland with mom, ate cheez-its and drank lemonade, colored pictures and watched american idol from wednesday (hannah loves it), played with my little cousin ella claire who came over, took about 50 pictures in the backyard, collected rocks, made dinner, and went to mcdonalds to get hannah some fries and ice cream, and play in the playplace. the only minor meltdown we had was when she found out that kim had forgotten to pack her dinner and she couldn't have quesadillas. you would have thought I had told her that something tragic had happened. she got over it pretty quick, and things were all good again. whew! what a day... lots of fun though!!

now on to today... I was called in for jury duty this morning.... woohoo... I had to be downtown ft. worth at 8:30am, and I was actually early, believe it or not! while I was going through security, a man in his 60s started getting upset with the people running security and actually had to leave the building! I then had to sit in a room with about 250-300 people, to wait for instructions. we watched a video, had to have a briefing by the jury bailiff, and then took an oath. there was a huge line of people who wanted exemptions and wanted to leave. she said that in 17 years, she's never had so many cranky mean people in one day! at the advice of a friend, I took a good book and read. after they assigned groups to courts today and monday, she said that our group could leave!! yay!! I was one of about 40 people who didn't have to do anything and just got to go home. I got to leave around 11am, and have been running errands since then.

that's pretty much it... it's just been crazy around here. one major reason being that my parents are moving within the next month to little rock. my dad has taken the position of senior associate pastor for ministry and leadership at immanuel baptist church. the senior pastor is a good friend of his, and both of my parents are very excited.

for me, this means I need to find a place to live... I never planned on staying at home this long, but I have been able to save money, which is a huge blessing. now I'm just waiting to see where I'm going to land!

that's enough for now... I'm tired of typing.


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