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I did this on such a whim, but I submitted my last blog post to Joshua Griffin (HS Pastor at Saddleback Church) because he's doing "guest posts" this week and my blog was chosen!!  He literally has thousands of readers every week... how crazy!
I am blown away that he would put mine up, but so excited!  I absolutely love what I do, and I love that this is just one way to get the word out.  I think that Girls Ministry is a vital part of Student Ministry, especially because of everything that teenage girls are facing today.  I feel like it's so much worse now than even when I was in high school.  There's so much pressure to fit in and to be what the world defines as beautiful.

My prayer is that these girls would find their identity in Jesus Christ.  I hope that this ministry can help them re[define] their view of themselves, the world, and of who God is in their lives.  God is already beginning to do a great work here and I feel so blessed to be a part of it!

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Miriam said…
Hey MM.. CONGRATS on being chosen that's awesome!!!! Also... I wanna know how to put all those cool scriptures on my page? Or a graphic at the top like yours!!!! Write soon Hugz M

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