american idol finale... my thoughts.

well, mark my words. I was wrong. I had pinned david archuleta as the winner from day one, and I've stuck by that the entire time. david cook is incredibly talented, but archuleta seemed to have the popular vote, especially among the demographic that watches the show. I've said for the last month or so that david cook should win, but that he wouldn't, and I was wrong! I'm totally ok with that though...

I thought the finale tonight was hilarious... I'm probably crazy and just plain exhausted, but I loved it! here are a few of my favorite moments:

  • gladys knight and her "pips" - ben stiller, jack black, and robert downey, jr. - I love gladys, and this song is a favorite of mine - those guys are crazy!

  • jordin sparks - I love this girl - so much personality! she was on tour as a backup singer when I saw michael w. smith twice on his christmas tour - she was incredible then, and is even more so now.

  • michael johns and carly smithson - two of my favorites from this season, both of which went home too soon

  • david archuleta singing "apologize" with one republic - ryan tedder didn't sound great tonight, but david sounded great on the song. I actually have a cd from my sweet friend amanda hampton that has some of ryan's early recordings - way back in the day. she gave it to me in high school, and it's hilarious to listen to now! ha!

  • bryan adams - I didn't love the song he sang tonight, but I love some of his other stuff. sappy, I know.

what I could have done without tonight:

  • the donna summer medley

  • mike myers as the "guru" - shameless promotion!

  • brooke white with the guy from crosby, stills, and nash - too folksy for my taste

  • george michael. need I say more? carrie underwood sang "praying for time" SO much better on "idol give back" this year - he sounded terrible.

have I mentioned yet that I bought tickets to go see the concert tour when it comes to dallas in august?! have I mentioned that I am freaking excited about it?! jenn's going to go with me, and we're going to scream and sing along... I can't wait!!!

by the way, did anyone catch the new coldplay/apple commercial? it was pretty awesome... I know wes loved it!

well, that's my two cents. let me know what you thought.


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