let the craziness begin!!

If you could look at my calendar right now, you would understand what I'm talking about... I'm talking about 10 weeks of non-stop, jam packed, student ministry summer stuff that is going to keep me busier than I have been in awhile! most of it's student ministry related, but throw in a family reunion, packing my parents house to move, a couple of weddings, a trip to orlando, and you've got my summer in a nutshell.

it's a good thing I love my job or else this might be cause for panic.

I kind of enjoy the craziness... I feel like the crazier it is, the more I get done. make sense?

I'm a planner, so details are churning right now, and once camp hits, on june 7th, the rubber meets the road.

we're headed to destin, fl for high school camp and I am SO excited! this is the first time hyde park has taken students to the beach, and we're going to have a blast!! I'm a florida girl at heart, and I miss being an hour from the beach... I feel like I'm stuck in the middle of land. oh, wait.... I am.

I love texas, but I miss being near the beach. enough said. I don't want a bunch of people leaving mean comments because they think I hate texas because I don't!

anyway, I'll post pictures along, but for now, I must sleep. I leave you with recent pictures....

d-now with the fbcc crew
d-now with the fbcc crew

sarah beth's wedding in tampa - nene, sarah beth, me, and momsarah beth's wedding in tampa - nene, sarah beth, me, and mom

25th birthday surprises!"
25th birthday surprises!

"my new office... still a work in progress!"
my new office... still a work in progress!

trip to san antonio with kate!"
trip to san antonio with kate!


Carol Bailey said…
Enjoy your summer, Mary Margaret! It's such a blessing to be so close to the students for so many days at a stretch...and a short time in their individual lives when they will be open to such impact from a young woman and strong believer such as you are. Take advantage of every moment with them, and I know you will. Check out how God surrounds us with a circle of His love, watching us with His rear guard and going before us on every step we take (Isaiah 52:12; Psalm 139:5). Go get 'em, Tiger! Sending you much love from A-retta, Carol B.
Chad Harlan said…
I enjoy your encouraging comments on Twitter, and the reminders about what really matters in this life. Thank you!


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