official dogsitter?

that's my current title. dogsitter. housesitter. and a host of other things.

while we're talking about dogsitting, let me just tell you that I'm watching 2 cute miniature schnauzers (daniel fox, if you're reading this, I love your dogs.)

the funny thing about this though is that one of the dogs, lexus, is deaf and almost blind. have you ever tried to coerce a deaf and blind dog to do something? I'm guessing you haven't, and let me tell you that it's not easy. I watched them last week and again this week, and it's getting more and more challenging. I was late to a meeting last week because I couldn't get her to come inside.

I love dogs... it'll be awhile before I have one though. I'm definitely going to wait until I have my own house, but you can count on me having one after that.

now on to the housesitting thing... this morning I was asleep and was about to get up when all at once, my cell phone starts ringing, the house alarm is going off, and I hear our realtor talking downstairs. I immediately jump up, throw on some clothes and run downstairs. in the process, I hang up on the alarm company twice, and try to compose myself as our realtor and the pool guy he brought are standing in the foyer. my dad then calls because the alarm company has called him and he's worried that someone is coming in to get me. I explain what happened and he passes along the message. the realtor apologizes and tells me that he rang the doorbell twice, and I inform him that the doorbell doesn't work! :) anyway, things settled down after that, but I've made the official decision that I don't like living by myself. I hope this doesn't last too much longer! from what I've heard, a couple of people are interested in the house, which is good and bad.

that's all for now. I'm tired and I'm going to turn the alarm on with the hopes that it doesn't scare me to death again tomorrow.


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