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For those of you who got my email this week and have read my blog, thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging emails!  This has been a long week, but God has continued to prove himself faithful.  So you know, Rob had another seizure last night (Friday) at his house.  It was around 10:30, and he and some of his roomates cooked some dinner for some girls, and were just hanging out, and they were able to catch Rob as he passed out.  One of the girls is a nurse, so she knew exactly what to do (and not do)!  Rob's ok now, but it's just hard not knowing where he'll be when a seizure comes on.  Over the last few months, I've been amazed to see how God has protected Rob every time he has had a seizure, and has surrounded him with friends and family, or he has been able to get to them easily.  I am so aware of God's provision and protection through all of this, and it's been a huge answer to prayer.

I am continuing to pray for complete healing for Rob from this seizure disorder, and I ask of you to pray the same.   if you didn't get my email, the day after I wrote my last post about the song "healer" below, Rob had a seizure, and I was so reminded of this video the next day and how much it spoke to me.  I truly do believe God to be the Great Physician and Healer, and so we are joining together to pray for healing for Rob.  Thank you again to those of you who have already been praying to this end!

this is one of my favorite pictures of me, rob and wes!  this was at disney world in january 06.  I have this one framed in my office!
making pirate faces with Wes and Rob at Disney!

On a lighter note, I'm sitting in my living room watching the Cowboys play their first pre-season game and it's pretty exciting so far!  For some reason, I have a few HD channels, and so I'm loving watching the Cowboys and the Olympics on my new tv!  I feel like this summer has been such a whirlwind, and I'm ready for things to settle down a little bit, but I think they're about to get crazy again!  We have two new guys coming on our student ministry staff in a few weeks, and I can't wait to see what God has in store for student ministry here at HPBC.

I got home today from an overnight retreat the we did for our incoming freshmen called FISH camp, and we had a blast!  We had 15 students who went with us out to lake LBJ, and we hang out, talked about high school, and played on the lake for most of the day today!  I had a blast riding around in the boat and getting to know this group of students better.  It was so relaxing to be out on the water... I want a house on the lake someday!  I'm tired, so this is it for now, but hopefully the next entry will be more exciting than this one.


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