here are a few recent things in my world:

music purchases

  • hillsong - "this is our God"  - I love their music, and this new live cd is awesome

  • phil wickham - "singalong" - this is actually a free download on his website... the cd is fantastic!  I love his style and originality

  • jonas brothers - "jonas brothers" - yep.  I did it.

  • coldplay - "viva la vida" - love it.  coldplay rocks.

  • tim hughes - "holding nothing back" - this is a great worship cd.  my favorite track is "everything"

  • selah - "all my praise" - this song is incredibly powerful.

  • natasha bedingfield - "soulmate" - love this song.

visitors to austin

  • my mom helped me move in (thanks mom!!)

  • julie cole (my cousin) she's fantastic!  she helped me decorate :)

  • leeanne barnett - we stayed up way too late talking... love this girl.

  • wes - my sweet brother bought a plane ticket just to fly out here and see me!  I have the best brothers in the world.

  • jenn and ryan and her parents are coming this weekend!  yay!!  they are my second family and I can't wait to show them around austin.

meals cooked

  • chicken quesadillas with corn tortillas

  • shrimp fra diavolo with whole grain pasta (yum!)

  • tomato soup with ezekiel bread (if you haven't tried ezekiel bread, it's amazing!)

  • I haven't been home enough to make much more, but I have lots of good ideas!

movies watched

  • "the dark knight" - increidble.  what more can I say??

  • "the other boleyn sister" - I love historical movies, and this one was really good.

  • "one night with the king" - after finishing our hs gbs study on the book of esther, we watched this and it was wonderful!

  • "sisterhood of the traveling pants 2" - cute movie... not a favorite.

new things in austin

  • kayaking on town lake

  • schlitterbahn

  • tubing down the guadalupe river

  • picnic at auditorium shores

  • meals at chuy's, kerbey lane, serrano's, magnolia cafe, pita pit, and several others... I love original austin food!

  • six flags fiesta texas - san antonio

  • round rock express game (astros minor league)

things coming up...

  • trip to NYC next week for jess and josh's wedding!  yay!!  I can't wait...

  • 2 new student ministry staff members as of september 1!  woohoo!

  • girls ministry kickoff at hpbc

  • thanksgiving & christmas in little rock with the fam

  • rob's graduation in birmingham - december 13


Tarrah Zimmerman said…
Jimmy and I love the food in Austin too! Jimmy graduated from UT in 1998 and moved back to Dallas but his stomach still belongs to Austin! =) In fact Jimmy waited tables at Serranos his Junior year. Have you been to Matt's El Rancho? If not, go there and get the signature dip called Bob Armstrong. It's terribly bad for you and yet amazing! =)

Let's just say this, Jimmy and I are trying not to be jealous right now that you are there and we are here! =)

Oh and by the way, LOVE LOVE Ezekiel bread. My favorite. I keep several loaves at a time in my freezer. Years ago I used to try and force it on my brother and he HATED the stuff!

Ok enough writing! Enjoy Austin!!!!!

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